1.1 We are proud of the high level of services we offer our customers. Regardless of the problem, our competent customer service team is well-qualified, ready and on hand to deal with the problem rapidly and efficiently. If any problem arises, simply follow the steps below and it will be resolved shortly. You can submit complaints, reports and grievances 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24/7).

1.2 Procedure for submitting a complaint, grievance, or dispute over issues or events relating to the conduct of Novibet Games and/or related transactions and to this end:

1.2.1 Our customers are able to submit their complaints in the following ways

a) in writing to Gamart Limited, 170, Pater House, Level 1 (Suite A271), Psaila Street, Birkirkara, BKR 9077, Malta

b) by email to [email protected]

c) by live chat by selecting the corresponding means of communication in the respective field ‘Service’ on our website.

1.2.2 aIf you feel that your issue has not been satisfactorily resolved, you can fill out and submit the form below

b. The complaint should include the necessary details of your identity and contact information, and in particular:

aa. Full name and father’s name

bb. Date of birth

cc. Number of currently valid identity card or passport

dd. Full address of permanent residence 

ee. Address and preferred means of response

and it should be accompanied by a copy of your identity card or passport or equivalent document from which your identity can be ascertained.

c. The complaint should adequately describe the events, time and the reasons you are invoking, and should include any information you may have which in your opinion substantiates your allegations.

d. The complaint must be submitted no later than forty-eight (48) hours after the date following the occurrence. However, in special cases where the complaint contains sufficient information to be deemed valid, the fact that it is submitted after the submission deadline shall not invalidate the Site Owner's obligation to examine it.

e. Novibet shall review the information referred to in the complaint and shall in any event notify you regarding the outcome of its review within ten (10) days of submission thereof.

f. If Novibet’s response does not satisfy you, you may, within ten (10) days from the day after notification thereof, request a review of the complaint from the Hellenic Gaming Commission. The application for review by the Hellenic Gaming Commission must be notified by you to Novibet, which will duly forward, without delay, a response and any information related to the complaint to the HGC.

g. Novibet reserves the right not to respond to complaints that are completely vague or which are abusive because of their excessive repetition.

h. Novibet will not reveal to you data or information for which it has an obligation of confidentiality and/or non-disclosure in accordance with legal provisions currently in force.

1.3 Resolution by an Independent Authority

In the event of failure to reach amicable settlement of the dispute in accordance with the above, the parties may apply to one of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Bodies (ADRs) listed in the respective Register kept in accordance with the provisions of Joint Ministerial Decision Ref. No. 70330 oik./2015 (Government Gazette, Series II, No 1421), as valid at any given time, having notified the Hellenic Gaming Commission of the evidence and facts relating to the dispute, and indicating their intent to settle.